New Signups for Pinecone Research OPEN (paid survey opportunity)

Click here:Open Pinecone Research Paid Surveys Signup Link (US)

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is an exclusive online survey panel. You receive surveys a couple times a month, and receive a $3.00 payment for each survey completely, which you can either get by check or through paypal. Occasionally they also mail out products for their members to test.

Why do I Pinecone?

I am a big fan, as it is one of the better paid survey companies out there. I like knowing that when I do a survey, I will be getting a check in the mail, as opposed to “points” that take forever to accumulate or being entered into sweepstakes that I will never win.

As long as you come in with the right expectations, paid surveys can be easy source for some extra cash. You will never be able to live off of surveys, but you can definitely make an extra 10-30 dollars a month. The surveys themselves can be a bit boring, but it is really easy to do while you are watching TV or eating a snack. I did one today while watching the Niners-Jets game, and now I can feel a little less guilty about getting a latte at Starbucks.

How to Join?

It is pretty exclusive, so it is invite only. Periodically, Pinecone needs to find new members, so they open up recruitment through online banners, so keep a lookout! I’m going to try to keep an eye out, so check this blog periodically to for updates on Pinecone Signup links!

Some things to note:

1) Fill out the first survey! If you get accepted, but then don’t fill out the first survey, they will kick you out right away!

2) Fill the surveys out as soon as you get them. If they think you aren’t doing enough surveys, they’ll kick you out. If you will be temporarily unavailable to do surveys, then send them an email explaining that and they will temporarily suspend you from the panel until you are available again.

3) Please keep the info about the surveys you do confidential. You will often be asked questions about products that are not even on the market yet, so Pinecone is very adamant about protecting the content of these surveys.

4) Only one registration per family. If you try to register more than one family member, all your registrations will be invalidated.


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