Earn $25: Refer a Friend to BofA Checking

Want to earn $25? Need to open a checking account? Want to stick with a brick and mortars bank that has branches and ATMs everywhere?

Bank of America: Recommend checking to a friend and earn $25 dollars!

If you are interested in opening on up a BofA Checking Account, and would like to earn $25 dollars on top of that, please send an email to:

with your email address and I would be happy to send you a referral link. That way, you’ll get an email from BofA in YOUR email, and if you use that, when you open your account, you will earn an EXTRA $25 dollars. And so will I! So we can all be happy!

Disclaimer: I am not a BofA employee, but I am a huge fan of BofA Banking. They have a ton of branches and ATMs everywhere, which is very helpful to someone who is bicoastal (yay for running 3000 miles away for university!). They are have terrible terrible terrible interest rates on most CDs, savings accounts, etc  BUT their checking is superb, and their online banking/bill pay is one of the easiest interfaces I have ever used.

And just so you know, I am not a (completely) selfish person. If you know someone else who has a BofA account, and you’d feel more comfy getting a referral from them, feel free to use this pdf link to print out a referral sheet for yourself!



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