What is wrong with me, you ask?

When I was 5 years old, my mother gave me a shiny red hello kitty wallet, with a crisp five dollar bill. I immediately went to Pizza Hut and purchased a pepperoni pizza (oh inflation!). Immediately after consuming my pizza, I was left with a growing sense that I had made a dreadful mistake.

1. My mother buy me a pizza even if I didn’t use my own money.

2. I don’t get allowance. Christmas money goes to some weird “bank” place I’ve never heard of. I’m not going to be seeing any dollar bills anytime soon.

3. Hello Kitty Red looks REALLY depressing when you do not have anything to put in it.

So yes, it was a rush to as a kid to be able to buy whatever I wanted without interference from my mom. Whatever immediate gratification I received from that freedom, however, dissappated when faced with the reality that I bought myself a PIZZA.

And thus, a five year old miser was born.

I’m now a semi-broke college student, trying to balance my obsession with consumption with my wish to spend as little money as possible. As a result, I spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for ways to feed my habit, such as getting things free after rebate. This blog is an account of my journey to become a more fiscally responsible person, despite my “quirks,” allowing me to keep track of all the crazy things I do.

And maybe, when I’m done with the “being a student” schtick, I’ll be able to get an real job and stop doing these sorts of things!

maybe not …. 🙂


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